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Bringing dreams to life!

The dreams of a growing community are brought to life as a sports and splash park providing opportunities to celebrate the spirit of competition, engage in the benefits of the outdoor environment, and build a community through play, healthy living, and family fun.

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The power of community parks is significant, watch the following video from the National Recreation & Parks Association, the Power of Parks:


In 2006, the Town of Greenville formed a committee for the purpose of creating a master plan for a 75-acre parcel acquired in 2004 dubbed Greenville’s “Field of Dreams”. Over a period of about one year, the committee used meetings, a survey, and several public listening sessions to draft a plan for this future park. The Master Plan calls for a vast array of facilities including baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, tennis, basketball, trails, a nature area with a constructed wetland, and a homestead gardens.   In 2010, the original master plan concept was updated.

Park Location

In 2018, a citizen committee was formed for the purpose of reviewing the Sports Complex Master Plan and exploring any changes that may need to be made. Through a series of meetings, a citizen survey, and public engagement meetings, the committee determined that the Town should revise the master plan to incorporate a more diverse set of recreational amenities. The Town Board adopted a revised master plan in 2019.

In 2020, a citizen committee (Greenville Field of Dreams Referendum Steering Committee) was formed to explore options and possibly recommend to the Town Board a referendum to support financing the first phase of development for the park.  The committee recommended and received Town Board approval of Resolution No. 40-20 on May 18, 2020, establishing an advisory referendum for the August 11, 2020, Partisan Primary Election.

Proposed Phase I & Estimated Costs

Proposed Site Plan:
Greenville Sports Complex rendering 04-28-20

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Estimated Costs for Construction:
18.054_Cost Est_PHASE-1_4-28-2020_Page_1
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Advisory Referendum

Referendum Information:

In order to pay for the proposed improvements to the Sports and Splash Park, the Greenville Field of Dreams Referendum Steering Committee recommended an advisory referendum be held during the Partisan Primary Election on August 11, 2020.

An advisory referendum is a voting process that gives voters the opportunity to advise the Town Board if Greenville voters support financing the development of the park through $6.5 million dollars of general obligation debt.   The Committee recommended using a 10-year general obligation promissory note.   Estimated savings of using a 10-year note vs. a 20-year bond is over $1.5 million in interest costs.

The following question will appear on the Partisan Primary Election Ballot for August 11, 2020:

“Should the Town of Greenville begin the development of a new community park on existing Town-owned land, which includes a swimming beach, splash pad, children’s playground, athletic fields, ball diamonds, recreational trails, restored native natural areas and off-street parking, for an amount not to exceed $6.5 million?”

How much will this public financing affect my property taxes?
In order to repay the general obligation debt, the Town will need to increase its tax levy by approximately $833,000 for a ten year period. Increasing the levy by this amount equates to an average tax rate impact of $0.52 per thousand dollars of assessed value. 

The following shows the effect of $0.52 per thousand dollars of assessed value for properties of varying values:

Tax Impact Table

Other Questions & Information

Greenville Field of Dreams Referendum Steering Committee Members:
Click the following link to view and download the Greenville Field of Dreams Referendum Steering Committee meeting agendas and minutes.

Recent Press & Media Information:
The Town held a press conference on June 1, 2020 to publicly announce this proposal and referendum.   The town mailed the following brochure to all residents on 6/25/2020.

Who to Contact
Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Town Administrator Joel Gregozeski.  Joel can be reached at (920) 757-5151 Ext. 1000 or by email at:

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