Snow & Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control
Town of Greenville Plow
The Town of Greenville’s Department of Public Works maintains the Town’s 104 miles of roads during the winter months, salting and sanding during ice or wet snow storms and plowing the snow off the roadways during the more significant storms.

On each plow route, there will be Primary (Level I), Secondary (Level II) and/or Residential (Level III) roads. Plows will start with Primary roads and work their way around the Town to the less traveled Residential roads.

Although the majority of snowplowing and snow removal work is performed by the Town’s Public Works Department, we also utilizes the services of local contractors to complement the town’s fleet of trucks.

The Town of Greenville snow and ice plan has been carefully and professionally prepared to meet the needs of the community. This plan follows clearly identified routes when removing snow and ice from streets and town parking areas.

Important Winter Reminders
  • When a snow emergency is declased it will be noted on the Town's main page and posted on social media sites
  • The Town does not clean or remove snow that is deposited into driveays by the blow
  • It is against Town Ordenance to interfere with the accessibility to a fire hydrant by piling or dumping ice or snow near it 
  • Snow plows may pass your home several times during heavy snow fall to help keep roadways clear and safe
  • Garbage and Recycling will still be collected during most snow fall. Carts should be placed at the end of your driveway and NOT in the roadway
  • DO NOT follow closer than 200 feet behind a plow truck
  • DO NOT pass plow trucks unless instructed other wise by the driver
  • Drive slowly and do not use cruise control on wet or slippery surfaces

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