Water & Sewer Utility

Water & Sewer Utility (Sanitary District #1)

Utility Bill or Hook up Questions?
For all billing or hook up questions, contact Katrina Bohman during normal business hours (Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.) at 920-757-5151 ext: 3201

After Hours Emergency Number:
Dial 920-757-7276
This will connect the call to the Public Works Dept Main Menu.  Press 3 for all calls regarding Water and Sewer emergencies (water breaks, sewer back-ups etc.)  By pressing this number, it will connect you to the cell phone of the person on call. 

Important Information and Links:

Annual Drinking Water Report 2016
Annual Drinking Water Report 2016 - Crestview
Water Conservation Tips
Water FAQ's and Solutions
Well Filling and Sealing FAQ's
Summer Sprinkler Credit No Longer Applicable
2018 Water & Sewer Rates
What Not To Flush
Water Hardness is 340 parts per million or 20 grains per gallon

Utility Bill Payment Options
The Town of Greenville Sanitary District accepts the following payment methods:

  • Town Hall – in person (Cash or Check) during normal office hours
  • Town Hall - drop box 24/7 (red fire hydrant located just inside the main doors in the front entryway)
  • Auto pay (automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the due date). Click here to fill out your automatic payment form
  • Bill Pay through your financial institution – if you choose this option please make sure to include your account number so that the payment can be applied to the correct account.
  • BMO (Hortonville & W. College Ave locations) accepts payments with the actual bill stub present.

Mailed payments are processed and posted in the order in which they are received.  Please allow adequate time for mail delivery to be made before the payment deadline.