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Facilities Committee Updates

Greenville Fire/EMS
Brat & Burger Fry
Friday, May 27th 10 am - 3 pm

Park Commission is looking for a new member.

Town of Greenville Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Town Newsletters CB Corridor study

Wisconsin Working Lands Initiative

You Dialed 911 NOW WHAT!

Hwy 15 Bypass Route has been
- Adobe PDF document
Dog issues? Call the Constable, Vicki Prey at 810-2679
Open Records Policy - Adobe PDF document

Outagamie County Nutrition Program for those 60 and older.

Garbage Information
Recycling Information

Crime Mapping for Outagamie County

Do you have questions on when an American Flag should be lowered? Click here to find out.

Report Issues with Street Lights Here!


Licensing of Dogs

All dogs over the age of four months of age must be licensed in the Town of Greenville by March 31st. This is the requirement of the Town, County and State of Wisconsin. New residents must license their dogs as soon as possible. This can be done by mail or in person. We need the rabies shot expiration date, the dog's name, color and breed. Call Laurie at 757-5151 ext 0 for the cost.

Click here for more information on Dog Licensing.

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Lottery Credits

If you lived in your home as of January 1, 2009 and are not already receiving the lottery credit, call Wendy at 757-5151 ext 3 and I will send you a card to pre-qualify for the credit on your tax bill.

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Animal Control

Complaints continue to come into the office regarding dogs barking and running loose. The Town of Greenville has a dog ordinance in place and we will enforce it. If you are having a problem with a dog, call the Town Constable, Vicki Prey, at 810-2679. Ms. Prey will assist you with your problem.

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Moving? What do I do with all that garbage?

Call Harter's Disposal directly at 888-804-8556. They will determine a fee and a day to pick up your excess trash that does not fit into your container.

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