Greenville Fire Station

The Town of Greenville Facility Committee has been working with Five Bugles Design to provide planning and design services for a new Greenville Fire Station. The Committee will be providing more details to come. Stay tuned to the Town's Facebook page and website for more information in the near future.  The following informational items  (but not limited to) will be presented in the near future:

Why now and why does the need to replace the existing station exist?

What is included in the proposed station design and why are these important?

Where is the proposed location and why was this location chosen?

How much will this project cost?

If approved, when will the new station be constructed?

What is the estimated tax impact?

Will the Town conduct a referendum and when?

What is a special Town Meeting and why is this important?

Will the Town host public engagement sessions and open houses to learn more about this project?

Who serves on the Greenville Facilities Committee?

What were the results of the Community Facility Needs survey conducted in 2016?

Has the Town conducted other facility studies?

How will the old station be used?

 Who to Contact?
Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Town Administrator Joel Gregozeski.  Joel can be reached at (920) 757-5151 or by email at: