Greenville Fire Station

Why now and why does the need to replace the existing station exist?
The needs and the challenges facing the Greenville Fire and EMS department and our community are not unique. The emergency vehicles have increased in size and complexity since the current fire station was built. The requirements and public expectations placed on our volunteer and fulltime fire and EMS personnel has increased dramatically over that same time period. The number of calls for service has increased and the environment in which we expect our emergency responders to work in has become increasingly more dangerous. The incidence and risk of several types of cancers is significantly higher for emergency personnel who we rely upon to preserve both life and property of those who live or visit our community. The needs of this department has been well documented in studies dating back to 2010. The current Fire and EMS station no longer meets the needs of the department or our community and a new fire station will significantly add to the safety of those who serve.

The 2015 referendum included two other projects (Town Hall addition/renovation and Public Works improvements) for a total of $10.5 million. The current referendum being considered specifically addresses the needs of the Fire and EMS department independently for an estimated cost of $6.5 million. The cost to construct a new modern fire station has been reduced and this new design will overcome current and future challenges of the department and community for well over the next 50 years. The costs to construct a new fire station will increase by 3 to 6 percent annually until it is built. The majority of residents surveyed, support the need for key aspects of this specific project.

To learn more about why the need exists to replace our fire station, download our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

According to the Latest Town of Greenville Resident Survey:
  • 67% (Highest Percentage) of residents of Greenville rate the “Fire Protection and Prevention Services” as the most important service provided. Note: This is higher than any other service provided.
  • 41% (Highest Percentage) of residents ranked the Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) station as the number one priority over the Town Hall (11%) or Public Works (10%) projects.
  • 59% (Highest Percentage) of residents identified that each project previously identified should be handled as separate projects with potential separate time tables.
  • 96% (Highest Percentage) of residents believe the currently owned location provides them with an appropriate response time.
Proposed Floor Plan
SD-102 - FLOOR PLAN (002)
Proposed Site Plan
SD-101 - SITE PLAN (002)
Estimate of Probable Costs
Greeville Fire Estimate 11-17-17 (002)

Estimated Average Tax Impact
Referendum Amount: $6.0 million
Estimated Average Mill Rate Impact: $0.23/$1,000 of assessed value
Example of Average Tax Impact:
Tax Break Down 1

Referendum Information
The Greenville Facility Committee recommended an advisory referendum be held during the Partisan Primary Election on August 14, 2018.  {Add Link to Referendum Resolution}

The following question will appear on the Partisan Primary Election Ballot for August 14, 2018:
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What is a "Special Town Meeting"?

 A “Special town meeting" means a Town Meeting, other than the annual Town Meeting, held under Wisconsin State Statutes s. 60.12.  The Special Town Meeting may be called by the Town Board for the purposes of authorizing the Town Board to purchase, lease or construct buildings for the use of the Town.  The Special Town Meeting is required under Wisconsin State Law; regardless of a successful referendum.   The Special Town Meeting is also required to authorize the Town Board to issue general obligation bonds in the manner and for the purposes provided by law.  The Town Board plans to schedule a Special Town Meeting following the advisory referendum scheduled for August 14, 2018.

Greenville Facilities Committee Members:
Andy Peters (Committee Chair), Dean Culbertson, Greg Kippenhan, Amy Vosters, Dan Dibbs, Brad Borgen, Larry Bentle, Tim Lambie, Eric Kitowski.

Who to Contact?
Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Town Administrator Joel Gregozeski.  Joel can be reached at (920) 757-5151 or by email at: