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The Village of Hortonville proposes to annex territory from the Towns of Greenville and Ellington.  The Town of Greenville opposes the annexation to protect the Town's tax base and borders.  Annexation will negatively impact the Town! Annexation from the Town will erode tax base, ultimately forcing the Town to raise taxes to maintain a consistent level of service, and by preventing long-range planning and development that are of local and regional significance.
On March 23, 2018 two Town residents filed a notice of intent to circulate a petition to incorporate the Town of Greenville.  A petition began circulating on April 3, 2018.  Once circulation is completed, the petition will be filed with the Circuit Court in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes.  The Town of Greenville has developed the following page dedicated toward informing the public of the Town's incorporation efforts.
The following page has been developed to provide interested individuals information and action taken in response to stream dredging activities to an unnamed navigable tributary in the Town of Greenville.  This activity occurred on property south of the Fox Cities YMCA, west of State Highway 76 and North of State Highway 96.  The property is currently owned by the Lin Family, LLC.  Parcel IDs are 110080700, 110080600.
The Town of Greenville has a new Assessor for 2018.  Accurate Appraisal, LLC of Menasha will be the Town’s new Assessor, replacing long-time Assessor Keystone Appraisal.  In addition to the changes in Assessor, the Town must perform a full market valuation of the Town in accordance to Wisconsin State Statutes.  The last complete market valuation was performed in 2006.  The Town’s assessment ration for 2017 was 85.98%.  This ratio is out of compliance with State Statutes, thus requiring a full market valuation to be performed.  Market conditions have substantially changed since the great recession and property values are reflecting the changing economic conditions.