Rezoning Project

Rezoning Project

Greenville adopted its new Zoning Ordinance in October 2020 as recommended by its 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The next major task is to actively rezone properties having conflicting zoning and land uses to the appropriate districts; this is Action Item 4b-7 of the Comprehensive Plan. On November 23, 2020 the Planning Commission and Town Board approved the rezoning process. The process includes an evaluation of properties to be rezoned by staff and the Zoning Committee, which is comprised of the Planning Commission and Town Board. Once the evaluation is complete public informational meetings will be held with property owners, whose property may be considered for rezoning, in order to explain the process and next steps. A public hearing is required with notice sent to property owners and their neighbors about the rezoning.

Public Engagement

  1. Survey Monkey: If you have thoughts or comments about the project please let us know by providing them through the following Survey Monkey Tool.
  2. Email/Phone: You may email Michael J. D. Brown, Community and Economic Development Director at or call 920-757-5151 ext. 2000 with questions or comments.
  3. Interactive Zoning Map (link will be available after internal staff and Zoning Committee review).
  4. Public Informational Meetings – (none scheduled at this time)

Informational letters will be mailed to affected property owners notifying them of meeting dates and times.  

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