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Address Request Form Building Inspection
Animal Control Constable Vicki Prey at 810-2679
Annual Report Documents & Reports
Appletree Square Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Assessor - Keystone Appraisal 1-866-957-3246
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Basement Remodel Permits Building Inspection
Bricks - Memorial Parks and Recrecation, Forestry
Brush & Yard Waste Pick Up Public Works
Budgets Documents & Reports
Building Fees & Inspections Building Inspection
Building Permits Building Inspection
Business Development Opportunities Business Development Opportunities
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Calendars Hot Topics


CSM Application Packet Planning
Citizen Action Request Form Public Works
Citizen Participation Ordinance Planning
Clean Sweep Program Public Works
Clubs & Groups, Community Clubs & Community Groups
Commercial Building Permits Building Inspection
Community Events Calendar of Events
Community Movie Night Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Community Park Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Comprehensive Plan Land Use
County Immunizaton Schedule Hot Topics
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Decks & Porches Permits Building Inspection
Demolition Permits Building Inspection
Department of Transportation, Wisconsin Government Links
Diggers Hotline Diggers Hotline - 800-242-8511
Documents & Reports Various Town Reports
Dog License Laurie at 757-5151 ext 0
Donations & Sponsorships Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Drainage Ditches
- Ditch Filling Checklist
- Ditch Filling Permit Sample
- Piping/Filling in of Roadside Ditches Policy
Public Works
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Elections/Voter Information Clerk/Treasurer
Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing Requirements Building Inspection
Electrical Permits Building Inspection
Employment and Application Employment
Erosion Control Ordinance & Information Stormwater Department
Erosion Control Permit Requirements and Forms Stormwater Department
Event Calendars Hot Topics
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Fall Fair Application and Contact Hot Topics - Sandy McMonagle 920-757-5661
Fence Permits Building Inspection
Field of Dreams, Master Plan Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Fire Department Fire Department
Fire Dpeartment - Non Emergency number 920-757-7262
1st Responders 1st Responders
Fountain Bricks Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Community Links
Fox Cities Trail Map Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Fox River Area Girl Scouts Community Links
Fox Valley Area Information Government Links
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Garbage Disposal Harter's Fox Valley Disposal - 888-804-8556
Garbage Pick-Up Map Garbage and Refuse
General Ordinances
General Questions Clerk/Treasurer
GIS Department GIS Department
Greenville Civic Club Clubs & Community Groups
Greenville Garden Club Clubs & Community Groups
Greenville Lions Club Community Links
Greenville Women's Club Clubs & Community Groups
Greenville Youth Sports Community Links
Groups & Clubs, Community Clubs & Community Groups
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Hazardous Materials Disposal Public Works
Heritage Fountain Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Home Additions Permits Building Inspection
Home Remodeling Permits Building Inspection
Hortonville School District Community Links
HVAC Permits Building Inspection
HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Requirements Building Inspection
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Illicit Discharge Ordinance Stormwater Department
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Jennerjohn Park Parks, Recreation & Forestry
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Land Use and Stewardship Committee Land Use
Licquor & Operator's License Clerk/Treasurer
Lions Park Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Lottery Credits Clerk/Treasurer
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Mailbox Damage Public Works
Mailbox Installation Requirements Public Works
Maintenance Agreement Sample, Stormwater Stormwater Department
Memorial - 9/11, Firefighters, EMS Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Memorial Tree & Bench Program Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Minutes Meeting minutes
Movie Night Parks, Recreation & Forestry
MS4 Annual Reports Stormwater Department
MS4 Permit Requirements Stormwater Department
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New Plat Approval Application Planning
NR 15 Runoff Management Stormwater Department
NR 216 Stormwater Discharge Permits Stormwater Department
Newsletter Documents & Reports
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Operator License


- Citizen Participation
- General & Zoning
Town Ordinances
Outagamie County, Wisconsin Government Links
Open Records Request Clerk/Treasurer
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Park Rentals Parks, Rec & Forestry
Park Commission Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Park Rules & Regulations Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Parks & Facilities Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Parks & Recreation Planning Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Pavilion Rentals Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Pebbleridge Park Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Permit Fee Schedule Building Inspection

Permits & Licenses (Applications)
- Building
- Commercial Buildings
- Decks & Porches
- Electrical
- Fences
- Garages
- Heating
- Home Additions
- Light & Ventilation
- Plumbing
- Swimming Pools

Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Building Inspection

Phosphorus Ban Ordinance Stormwater Department
Pioneer Cemetery Cemeteries
Planning Commission information Clerk/Treasurer
Plowing & Salting Policies Public Works
Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Requirements Building Inspection
Plumbing Permits Building Inspection
Population & Building Permit History Town
Property & Tax questions Clerk/Treasurer
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Recorded Meetings Video and Audio
Recycling Information Recycling Information
Refuse/Garbage Information Garbage and Refuse
Reporting Signs down Municipal Building 757-7276
Required Inspections Building Inspection
Residential (1 & 2) Family Homes Permits Building Inspection
Rezoning Application Planning
Rezoning Questions Planning
Planning & Planning Review Fees Planning
Road Maintenance Public Works
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Senior Citizen Cards Clubs & Community Groups
September 11th Memorial Fire Department
Sheds & Detached Buildings Guidelines Building Inspection
Sheriff's Department - Non emergency 832-5000
Signs down, Reporting Municipal Building 757-7276
Site Plan Application Planning
Site Plan Questions Building Inspection
Snow Plowing/Removal Public Works
Soil Testing Stormwater Department
Special Events Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Special Exception Permits & Application Planning
Special Use Permit Packet Planning
Standards & Restrictions for the Creation of Lots Land Use
Standards and Specifications Home Page
Stormwater Management Stormwater Department
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Tips Stormwater Department
Street Index Map GIS Department
Street Trees Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Subdivision Control Ordinances Town Ordinances
Swimming Pool Permits Building Inspection
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Tax Rate History Clerk/Treasurer
Tennis Lessons Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Tire Dropoff (Free) Public Works
Town Assessor Keystone Appraisal - 866-957-3246
Town Ordinances Town Ordinances
Traffic Calming Public Works
Tree City USA Parks, Recreation & Forestry
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Utility Questions Utility Superintendent
Utility Service/Permits Public Works
Urban Forestry Parks, Recreation & Forestry
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Variance Application Planning
Volunteer Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Voting and Elections Voting and Elections
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Wanders Rest Cemetery Cemeteries
Water Leaks Utility Superintendent
Weed Control Ordinance

Weight limits Ordinance Weight Limit Permits
Wisconsin, State of Government Links
Wisconsin Towns & Associations Government Links
Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application Building Inspection
Ward Map for Voting Voting Ward Map
Water - Annual Drinking water report Water and Sewer
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Yard Waste & Brush Pick Up Public Works
YMCA of the Fox Cities Community Links
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Zoning Clerk/Treasurer
Zoning Maps Planning
Zoning Ordinances Town Ordinances