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Town Hall hours are from 8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.


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Dog Licensing

All dogs must be licensed at the age of five months. We are specifically looking for the rabies vaccination. You must show proof of this. New licenses are available generally around mid December and must be obtained by March 31st. According to State Statute 174.05 (2), Dog license tax is $8 for a neutered male dog or spayed female dog, upon presentation of evidence that the dog is neutered or spayed, and $15 for an unneutered male dog or unspayed female dog.

Licenses can be obtained at the Town Hall during office hours. Any dog registered after March 31st will be charged a late fee unless it is a new dog.

Dog tags can also be obtained when paying your property tax bill. Please write a separate check for the dog tag. We can do this through the mail. Provide proof of the rabies vaccination. We can mail the rabies certificate back to you. Please state the name, color, sex and breed of the dog.

All dogs in the Town of Greenville must be kept in their owners yard at all times. Dogs are required to be on a leash when not in the owners yard. Excessive barking will not be tolerated.

If you have a complaint about a dog, you should contact the Town Constable. The Constable will contact the owner of the animal. If the violation persists, a formal complaint can be filed. A certified letter will be sent to the owner of the animal. If the violation still persists, a citation may be issued

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Payment of Taxes

Tax bills are sent out in December. The first installment is due by January 31st. This needs to be paid to the Town of Greenville. Payment by mail is preferred. If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Refunds will not be made on the spot no matter how small. Refunds are generally mailed within one week.

Dog licenses can be obtained at the same time you pay your taxes. Please issue a separate check for the dog tag and one for the taxes. This can also be done by mail. We will send the dog tag as well as the receipt for your taxes generally within one week. Please send proof of vaccination, and list the name, sex, breed and color of the dog.

We will no longer accept cash for payment of taxes.

If paying your taxes in installments, the second installment is due July 31st. The second installment should be paid to the Outagamie County Treasurer. We cannot accept any tax payments at the Town.

The Town office is closed for holiday on December 24th and closes at noon on December 31st. These holidays may be observed on days other than the 24th and 31st. Check the calendar for observation days.
The last day for collections in January is the last working day of the month. If January 31st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the office is not open for collections.

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Tax Rate History

Tax Rates            


2011 2012 2013 2014
State .17815 .17337 .17070 .17037 .17365 .1769
County 4.91114 4.87063 4.96405 5.08782 5.18095 5.3254
Local 1.88869 1.94443 1.96552 1.98690 2.05915 2.1010
Hortonville 9.10962 9.22318 9.27954 9.25406 9.56252 11.7221
FVTC 1.80076 1.81786 1.80100 1.97717 2.01934 11.1493
Gross rate 17.88836 18.02947 18.7706 18.47632 18.99562 18.8890
State credit 1.41937 -1.42023 -1.42969 -1.43241 -1.42506 -1.4311
Net 16.46899 16.6092 17.34092 17.04392 17.57056 17.4591
Lottery Credit 70.29 78.55 83.03 84.80 101.86 63.04
Assmt ratio 95.27% 98.18% 99.44% 99.9% 98.37% 95.78%

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Operator Licenses

Any person who serves alcoholic beverages must obtain an operator license. The cost for a license is $25. To obtain a license you must either have a valid and current operator license or you must take a safe beverage course offered at Fox Valley Tech. Operator licenses must be renewed every year. They expire on June 30th of each year. The applicants birth date must be on the application.

Please allow a few days for the issuance of the operator license. We now do background checks.

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Bidding Process

Town of Greenville Outlines Statutory Bidding Process (PDF)