Construction crews are out on School Rd. east of STH 76  until June to fix driveway issues and restore terraces. Please use an alternative route if possible.

Town Roads & Ditches

Roads and Highways

DSCN0809 BThe Public Works Department is responsible for  the maintenance of village roads and right-of-ways. We focus on prevention, to help prolong the useful life of surfaces and right-of-ways. Typical maintenance duties include asphalt patching, minor street repairs, crack sealing, street sweeping, snow plowing, sign maintenance, and right-of-way mowing. Additional duties may include, weed control, graffiti removal, drainage maintenance, and working with other divisions to effectively and efficiently make use of available resources. Maintenance projects and activities are driven by the seasons, weather and equipment availability. 

The Outagamie County Highway Department is responsible for all roads and road maintenance on County Trunk Highways (JJ, GV, CA, BB, CB, STH 15, 76, and 96). If you have any questions or concerns about these areas, please contact the County Highway Department directly.

To notify the Public Works Department of any road repairs, potholes needing to be filled, down trees, unclear sight lines, or street signs knocked down, please fill out a Citizen Action Request Form and return it to our office or contact our Public Works Office directly.

Important Reminders:
  • All work to be completed within the right-of-way requires a permit and approval prior to the start of work. This applies to both residents and contractors. 
  • Greenville Public Works will be lifting the seasonal weight restrictions for Village roads effective Thursday, April 13, 2023. Weight limits are administered to help protect the Village roads when they are susceptible to damage. They are used in spring and in other special situations where the roads can only hold a certain amount of weight. View the Weight Limit Ordinance here and our Weight Limits Map here
  • Parking restrictions run November 15th through April 15th
    You are not able to park on Town roads from 12:00am to 6:00am. Violators WILL be ticketed.  Parking Ordinance 

Maintenance and Right-of-Ways
  • Street Lights: Street lights are maintained be We Energies. Outages and repairs can be reported directly to We Energies using their Street Light Outage Map
  • Signs: The Village is responsible for all road signs and street name signs on Village roads. The Village does routine inspections on all road and street name signs to be sure they are visible to the traveling public. 
  • Drainage Ditches: To fill the ditch in your yard, you need to purchase the proper permit from the Public Works Department.  Anyone not obtaining a permit will be required to put the ditch back to it's original state at the property owners cost.  Piping/Filling in of Roadside Ditches Policy and Ditch Filling Checklist
  • Weed Control: Residents are required to maintain the grass and vegetation on their property to meet the requirement in the Town's Weed Ordinance. During each growing season, only one notice of violation will be sent to property owners. If the the violation is not resolved within 10 days, or the violation reoccurs, the Village will maintain the property at the owners expense. 
  • Mailboxes: Mailboxes are the responsibility of the property owner. Boxes and posts should be installed in accordance with the guidelines set by the US Postal Service

Permits and Application

Additional Links & Information
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