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Fire Department Administration retains the full and unrestricted rights to the following:

  • To operate and manage all staffing, facilities and equipment; to determine the purpose of the department, to determine the methods, means and number of personnel needed to carry out the department’s mission, including the determination of crew size, and to set standards of service to be offered to the public.
  • To establish functions and programs; to set and amend budgets, to determine the utilization of technology, including the introduction of new or improved methods or facilities or the changing of existing methods or facilities.
  • To determine and modify the organizational structure; to select, direct, transfer, assign and determine the number of personnel and take disciplinary action; to establish and project training schedules.

General Station Conduct and Duties

  •  No information relative to the business or affairs of the Fire Department shall be furnished to any person not connected therewith, unless authorized by the Chief of the Department.
  • Abuse or neglect of Department or other public property will be avoided by Department members. Members shall not sell, loan, or give away any Department property without approval of the Chief of the Department.
  • Suggestions for the improvement of the Department are encouraged and appreciated.  These suggestions should be submitted in written form and/or brought up at a regular business meeting to the Department Officers whereupon careful consideration will be given.
  •  No member under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substance will drive the apparatus, operate any equipment, or participate in any type of training or respond to any incident the department is called upon to respond to.
  • The use of profane or abusive language is highly discouraged.
  • Each member of the Department is expected to conform to the pattern of good, official and social behavior in their relations with other members, Town Officials and the general public.
  • Cleanliness in personal habits when acting as a Department member is mandatory.
  • No long distance phone calls will be made on the Fire Department telephone unless it is for Department business.
  • Damage to clothing or equipment must be reported at once. An Equipment Failure Report will be submitted to the Equipment Officer by the member involved.
  •  The Department office, training room, lavatory, etc. will be cleaned up after any times during which these areas are used.
  • The apparatus rooms will be kept neat at all times. The apparatus will be kept clean at all times.  This item will require the combined efforts of all Department members.
  • There will be no private cars parked in front of the doors at any time except when loading or unloading of items related to the Fire Department.
  • Department members who will not be available for responding to an alarm shall sign out on the vacation calendar. This shall be done for reasons such as illness or absence from the Township anytime.
  • The wearing of regulation duty uniforms or Fire Department apparel is mandatory for public events. A clean, neat appearance at Department functions is a necessity for good public relations.
  • All hose and equipment will be cleaned as soon as possible after an alarm or other use.

 Smoking Policy

  • This policy has been developed to provide for the health and welfare of non-smoking Department members and to secure their right for clean air. This policy will also secure the rights of smokers by providing certain areas for those members who smoke. This policy will only cover those areas that are under the control of the Fire Department.
  • Cigarette butts shall be discarded in approved containers or ashtrays only.
  • No smoking shall be permitted on or in Fire Department vehicles or apparatus. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only providing there is no handling of flammable or combustible liquids, gases, or vapors in the atmosphere.
  • Smoking at scenes that require extended stays is permissible as long as it is within a safe atmosphere and out of the eye of the general public.

Administrative Reports/Guidelines

  • Telephone- Emergency: The general public may call the Department requesting services using the non-emergency number.  If the caller is requesting help from the Fire Department, or if the caller is questioning if the Fire Department responds or provides a service concerning a fire or removal of smoke, the caller’s name, address of where the problem is, and the phone number should be taken, then instruct the calling party to dial 911. After you hang up, dial 911 and inform or verify the message just given you by the calling party to the 911 Center.

Some common requests that are made that require Fire Department response are:

  1. Caller can smell smoke but doesn't see any fire or doesn't know where it is originating from.

  2. A piece of electrical equipment or appliance smells hot and they would like it checked.

  3. CO or Smoke detector or fire alarm is sounding but there is no smoke or fire visible.

  • Telephone Non-emergency: When answering the Department's telephone, the person shall give the Department's name and their name. When speaking to the public, the person answering the phone shall always refer to Department personnel by appropriate rank.

Telephone Non-emergency
When answering the Department's telephone, the person shall give the Department's name and their name. When speaking to the public, the person answering the phone shall always refer to Department personnel by appropriate rank.

Personal Information
Names of Fire Department personnel, and/or their home or personal numbers shall not be given out to the general public.

Fire Department Information
At no time shall any Department member, except the Fire Chief or designated person, release any information to the general public, or media concerning any fires which have occurred, or are under investigation. All requests for information shall be referred to the Fire Chief or Chief's designee.

Incident Report
Upon returning to quarters after an alarm, the Incident Commander, officer or driver of the first arriving engine shall complete the incident report. 

Injury Report
When any Fire Department personnel are injured in the line of duty, they shall contact their immediate officer and file an Occurrence Report. The Employees Report of Injury shall be filled out immediately.

Hydrant Use Report
Any time a hydrant is used by the Fire Department, the Water Department should be notified of usage. A Hydrant Usage Report should also be filled out.

Training Report
A training report shall be filled out anytime approved training has been received by the Department or member. Report shall be forwarded to the Training Division to be approved and recorded.

First In Report
A first in report shall be filled out by all of the first on scene personnel upon returning to station after incident. If it cannot be filled out right away do to extenuating circumstances, it shall be filled out as soon as possible while information is fresh in personnel’s mind.