Town Roads & Ditches

Roads and Highways

DSCN0809 BThe Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the Town roads and right-of-way. This includes asphalt patching, minor street repairs, crack sealing, street sweeping, snow plowing, sign maintenance, and right-of-way mowing. Additional duties include, monthly brush pickup, weed control, graffiti removal, drainage maintenance, and working with other divisions to effectively and efficiently make use of available resources. Maintenance projects and activities are driven by the seasons, weather and equipment availability. By focusing on prevention, we can prolong the useful life of the pavement. 

To notify the Public Works Department of any road repairs, potholes needing to be filled, street light outages, down trees, unclear sight lines, or street signs knocked down, please fill out a Citizen Action Request Form and email it or call our office at 920-757-7276.

The Outagamie County Highway Department is responsible for all roads and road maintenance on County Trunk Highways (JJ, GV, CA, BB, CB, STH 15, 76, and 96). If you have any questions or concerns about these areas, please contact the County Highway Department.

Town Maintenance:
Roadside Mowing - The Town maintains one tractor that has a 15 foot, rough cut, bat wing mower that is used for roadside mowing. The purpose of mowing rural ditches is to maintain drainage swales, to maintain sight distance for the driving public, to prevent brush from encroaching on the roadways, and to control noxious weeds. The Town mows 3 times a year, in late spring, summer and fall. One cycle of mowing can take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. The Town only mows in the rural and undeveloped areas. Roadside mowing in residential and developed  areas is the responsibility of the land owner.
ROW and Ditch Maintenance Ordinance

Street Sweeping -
The Town of Greenville sweeps  about 3 times a year (spring, summer and fall) in the urbanized, curb and gutter, areas. This helps to extend the life of stormwater ponds by removing solids from the roadway before they wash away into those ponds.

Signs - The Town is responsible for all road signs and street name signs on Town roads. The Town does routine inspections on all road and street name signs to be sure they are visible to the traveling public. 

Weed Control - During each growing season, one certified order to cut or destroy weeds shall be sent to the owner of the lot in violation. If within 10 days after receipt, the owner fails to comply with this order, the Town of Greenville shall destroy, remove or cut such vegetation in the most economical manner available. The owner will be billed for this service at the cost stated in the Town Fee Schedule.
Weed Ordinance

Roads and Ditches
Drainage Ditches - 
To fill the ditch in Road Maintneanceyour yard, you need to purchase the proper permit from the Public Works Department.  Anyone not obtaining a permit will be required to put the ditch back to it's original state at the property owners cost. 
Piping/Filling in of Roadside Ditches Policy
Ditch Filling Checklist

Weight Limits - Weight limits are administered to help protect the Town roads when they are susceptible to damage. They are used in spring and in other special situations where the roads can only hold a certain amount of weight.
Weight limits will remain in effect until otherwise posted
Weight Limit Ordinance 
Weight Limits Map

No Parking -
You are not able to park on Town roads from 12:00am to 6:00am. Violators WILL be ticketed.
*Beginning November 15th through April 15th*
Parking Ordinance 

Traffic Calming - The Town of Greenville receives numerous requests each year to reduce vehicle speed and/or non-local traffic in neighborhoods. The Town is committed to improving neighborhood safety and has implemented a Neighborhood Traffic Calming program. The program is a two year phase approach. The 1st year (phase 1) deals with changing driver behaviors through education, enforcement and engineering. The 2nd year (phase 2) deals with physical devices.

Capital Improvement Plan - The Town of Greenville is committed to providing an annual capital improvement plan to aid in the decision making process for the annual budget and ensure the adequate maintenance, acquisition and construction of capital infrastructure and equipment. This plan document gives the Town Board a tool for determining the funding of operations, capital improvements and equipment replacement in a reasonable and financially sound manner.
Capital Improvement Map

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