Clubs & Community Groups


Greenville YMCA
     Pop Up Programs schedule for 2019 is here! 
Click the link to view the summer program registration and schedules for kids 6 months and up.  Swimming lessons, cooking, building and camps are some of the exciting offers this summer at the Y.  Click here to go directly to Greenville's YMCA site.

Greenville Garden Club

     Come and be a part of the Greenville Garden Club. This is a loosely-knit group; no regular meetings, no officers or dues. We usually get together on a weekday evening, whatever fits most of the persons involved. Everyone is welcome. If you want to be included this season, just contact Wendy Bekx at 757-6905 or email at

Senior Citizen Cards

     The senior citizens usually meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00 - 4:00 to play cards at the Greenville Fire Station / Safety Building.

Greenville Women's Club

     The Greenville Women's Club had its organizational meeting in April, of 1970, with the first regular meeting held in June of 1970 with 19 members present.

     Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Our purpose is to give service and assistance to the community, to spread friendship into the community, and to promote cultural, social, and civic development of its members. Any interested woman may become a member. Membership dues are $2.00 a year.

     The officers are President (2 year term), Vice President (automatically becomes president), Secretary ( 2 yr. term) and Treasurer (2 yr. term).  Each member belongs to a committee of choice, which helps to carry out duties of the club. The program and social committee plans social functions such as appreciation night and a special outings. They also welcome and introduce speakers at meetings. The homecoming and parade committee plan and decide the theme of the float. They plan and organize the food stand and work schedule. The Fall Fair committee plans and organizes a food booth and craft exhibitors.  All committee chairpersons keep a record of events and activities with one copy going to the President. The Sunshine person sends bud vases and cards to members and their families who are ill or deceased. We have a secret pal activity for the year. We remember pals on their birthday, anniversary and on appreciation day when we reveal ourselves. For each meeting, a snack or dessert is served by two members which are drawn at the previous meeting. Our main money making projects are the food stand at Homecoming and the Fall Fair. Each member is expected to help at these events.  The appreciation night is a special night and the club goes out to eat. The dinner is paid by the club for all the work done during the year. Any other outings are paid by the members.  All monies raised by the club are returned to Greenville area projects. Previous projects are: Community and School (AFS, food pantry, first responders, fire dept, Red Cross, Leaven, Rawhide, nursery school, boy and girl scouts, 4-H trip, people to people, Lions Park, post prom, and needy families), Town Hall (trees, ceramic floor and wall tiles, projector and screen, storage cabinets, tables, stove and refrigerator in old and new hall, meeting tables, draperies, crown moldings and chair rail, Christmas tree and decorations, kitchen supplies such as Nesco's, coffeepot, silverware and utensils), and Parks (fixing shelter, Cleary shelter, well and playground equipment, message sign, trees, picnic tables and new hamburger stand).

     Please help our club help the community. 
**For questions on the Town wide rummage sale, contact Carol Bunkleman at 920-757-5070.