Information and History

Historical group picture 2
Greenville First Responder where established April 1992. Before that the Town of Ellington First Responders responded to medical calls in the Town of Greenville.
 4 Greenville firemen decided to form a group of First responders in Greenville. With the advice of a lawyer a corporation was formed Greenville First Responders Inc. Started with the 4 founding members and grew as the number of calls increased.
In 2002 the town commissioned the Par group to do a study of the Towns services. They were asked to make recommendation for improvements. One recommendation was to dissolve our corporation and become a part of Greenville Fire Department. The group voted to act on that recommendation.
  Our Fire Chief oversees the group, but the day to day operations are run by a EMS Coordinator along with an assistant Coordinator, secretary, Treasurer, Training Officer and Equipment Officer.
Gold Cross from Menasha is the ambulance service that comes to medical calls in the Town of Greenville and their Medical director is Dr. Mark Westphal. Dr. Westphal is also our medical director and oversees all of our medical skills.
Currently we have 15 members with over 150 years on experience. 2016 we responded to a total of 316 calls. We also have mutual aid agreements with most of the surrounding towns and villages.
Historic Group Picture
Today's 1st Responders
Mark Evers  EMS Coordinator  1992
Jesse Mallmann EMS Asst. Coordinator  2003 
Ben Romenesko   EMS Secretary 2009 
Josh Lambie   EMS Treasurer 2012 
Rick Rosenfeldt  EMS Director  1994 
Scott Rosemarynowski  EMS Training Coordinator  2007 
Kathy Mallmann    1995 
Vickie Prey    2002 
Eric Kitowski    2011 
Robin Krause    2006 
Jim Ziegert    2009 
Tim Immel    2013 
Kaitlyn Skiba   2013
Tom Kempen   2016 
Jamie Campbell     2017

RecruitmentThe Greenville 1st Responders are approved by the Greenville Town Board to maintain 15 members.  When the need arises to add a member to our team, the group establishes an application period in which we accept applications.  The application period is advertised in the town newsletter, on town signs, and social media.  Applicants are then chosen to interview with a small panel of 1st Responders from which the best fitting applicant is chosen.  Applicants are highly encouraged to have state approved 1st Responder training completed.